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Here's a selection of favourite links


What's really happening in the's all true!
Mike Moores Department of Homeland Security
Write your own Dave Barry - and why wouldn't you want to
The price of war


Choose your newspaper from a global database
BBC - real news
Wired news - technology news
Reuters - more real news


Best of the Hubble Space Telescope
Satellite tracking - this is very cool. needs java bits
Astronomy Watch - some neat stuff
Space tracking - find out when the space station is flying over your town


David Letterman Top Ten
Satire on the web - not for the young ones really
BBspot - satire for smart people


France the French way - Let John plan it, we did - It was great
Where is it safe to travel - let the officials tell you


Hoyts - whats on at the movies in Christchurch
Alice in Videoland - for the best sellection of videos and dvd's - you can even book online

Cool Software

Turn your PC into a digital VCR
Digital Topographical Maps of New Zealand