caffe ROMA
Caffe Roma

Other Cafe's to Visit

If you have a favourite caffe, please email the details to us.


The Parade - Oriental Parade - weekend breakfast


Cafe Melba - Vulcan Lane - good breakfast

Sierra - Jervois Road - good breakfast and coffee they roast themselves - shame it isn't table service - if you want a latte, ask for a flat white - (it's an Auckland thing).

Bambina - Ponsonby road - love the big table with the magizines in the middle - very communal.

City - High St in the City - I think Tom is still running things there - Great lunch - does private function too I believe.

Prego - Ponsonby Road - great evening meal - good service and lovely courtyard setting


Caffe E Cucina - location: Chaple Street - Toorak; Style: Very Italian; Hours: Breakfast till late; Mon till Sat; Speed: very smooth; This is quite possibly the best caffe in the world. This place is such an instituion. The menu is simple yet comprehensive. The blackboard menu is written in Italian yet is not intimidating. The staff are very proffessional and it seems the ladies like sitting up at the bar drinking lattes and just watching them work. The coffee is very good. Make a reservation for dinner.

Blue Train - location: South Bank; Style: Art Deco diner/bar; Hours: Breakfast till late; Speed: very fast; This place is fantastic. The service is fast and friendly, a menu to cover most tastes, and a very buzzy atmosphere. Their wood fired pizzas are very good with creative combinations. They have recently set up two more opperations; one in the Crown Casino complex called Automatic and another in Sydney. I have it on good account that neither of these are as good as the original - nothing new there.

Pelligrinnis - Central City - an institution

Brown Sugar - The Block - Runs between Little Burke St and Burke Street. Tony runs things here and it is very cool. Check out the CD store opposite and one floor down - they have everything.